This simple dessert made with a yellow cake mix can be made with almost ANY of the preserves we sell (Pepper Jellies NOT recommented here) For open house this year we are mixing Raspberry, Pecan & Hot Fudge…YUMM & EASY!
1 Box Yellow Cake Mix (Pudding in the mix is a plus but if not we add 1 small box of vanilla pudding mix.) & whatever ingredients your particular mix calls for.
½ Jar SSR Hot Fudge Sauce
½ Jar Raspberry & Pecan Preserves

Prepare the Yellow Cake Mix as per instructions on the box. Suggestion: We line pan with parchment paper & then spray with cooking spray for easy removal. Before baking, pour the jam one at a time on top of cake mix & “swirl” in with a knife. Bake according to instructions but allow 10 extra minutes (& maybe a bit longer) to allow for the extra moisture you are putting into the mix with the preserves. The toothpick should still come out clean. Let cool. ENJOY!!