These are easy and considered both savory & almost dessert-like because of the sweetness of the jelly and the crunch of the pecans. They can be made several days in advance of serving and they are always a hit at Open House!

1 (16oz.) jar New Canaan Farms Raspberry Jalapeno Jelly
2-oz. Blocks Cream Cheese (take out & soften)
1 Cup NAVIDAD FARMS PECAN PIECES (chopped fairly small & lightly roasted-about 20 minutes at 250 degrees-watch closely, they can burn easily!)
1 Package Tortilla Wraps (Wraps are larger than flour tortillas and are usually found in the deli or bread section of your store. Some are flavored and some stores also carry gluten free) We use the whole wheat wraps.

In a food processor (or by hand or mixer), mix softened cream cheese with Raspberry-Jalapeno jelly & pecans. Cut rounded ends off of wraps to make more square for even rolling. Spread mixture thickly onto wraps and then roll as tightly as you can. Mixture will be somewhat soft and you may need to toothpick them to stay. Place in covered container & chill in refrigerator overnight to allow filling to firm up. When ready to serve, remove toothpicks & cut with serrated knife into 1/2 inch rounds. Garnish with fresh raspberries or candied jalapenos! ENJOY!