1 Package Carmies Manana Mexican Dip Mix
1 Cup Sour cream, 1 Cup Real Mayo (NOT Miracle Whip)
2 Medium Tomatoes, 1 Cup Shredded Jack & Cheddar Mix Cheese, Black Olives, 1 Can Black Beans (rinsed & well drained)
Optional (& YUMMY) 1/2 Cup Chopped Green Onions, Candied jalapenos, Avocado (diced or sliced)

This serving is for a 9×9 inch square pan or pretty decorative plate with a lip on it. We have doubled everything to make a larger cake pan for easy serving at Open House. Base: Mix sour cream, dip mix & mayo (mix well), refrigerate & chill. IT IS ALWAYS BETTER to prepare this the day before because the dried spices of the dip mix will come out better & stronger the next day. When serving, spread base mix into serving pan or on serving plate. Cover with black beans, cheese, tomatoes and black olives (and any optional toppings you have chosen.) Serve with corn chips or blue corn chips for a little variety. EASY! ENJOY!