Since 1989

"ASK ME ABOUT MY NUTS" Dr. Tom Vandivier


The original Navidad Farms pecan orchard was on the Navidad River, just outside of Speaks, Texas.   It was the dream of Dr. Tom Vandivier (a retired Houston doctor) and his son, Tom, a now-retired lawyer in Austin.   With family help, the trees were planted, grew, and  after due time, started producing.  The store & shelling plant were opened years later up in Austin.  I bought the thriving business in 1999 and the small store grew & flourished in the small community of Oak  Hill (southwest of Austin on the way to Dripping)    Though we are no longer our own grower, we have maintained a stellar reputation for fresh, quality pecans.   We do not currently have a physical store location but we will have a pickup up location ready for the fall.

We are known to have the best pecans!


YES, we are that picky!  Our pecans come from 3-4 Texas growers in central Texas...all known for the way they are graded & shelled.  We are sure you will be pleased.