Shop Dog Diary

My name is Banjo and this is my blog.   I am just over a year old and I go about 98 pounds.  Mom says I am big for my age.  I think I am mostly lab with some German Shorthair pointer.  I do often my food bowl!  Mom said when I was young I was brown and white and a pretty sweet little puppy.  Somehow I turned spotty, browner & naughty!  Meet my two best friends, Piggy & Purple, though they are a little smaller now.


Here at Navidad Farms, I manage operations,  patrol the area, chase the cat, shred boxes, bury bones and occasionally greet the customers.  I helped mom unpot the fruit trees and change the wood trim on the floor.  You might say I actually run the place.


I am learning about pecans and during the season, I get to ride in the truck, go to the orchards and visit with the other farm dogs.   All our pecans come from Texas…Bastrop, Smithville & San Saba.  We were just up there this last week and the pecans are almost ready!!


I LOVE to post on FB on now I am told I can help her on the webb site too, just to let you in on what is going on around this place.  Something is ALWAYS going on around this place!   This coming spring we will be day-trippin around Texas to really cool places, and mom is going to bring me too.   I feel certain that this should mean a raise, or a few extra chewies!