GENERAL PECAN INFORMATION:  Pecans are harvested in the fall and we generally have “NEW CROP” pecans available by October 15th, give or take a few days.  Pecans that are still in their shells are called “IN-SHELL.”  “SHELLED” pecans have no shells.  During the fall & holiday season, we carry both “IN-SHELL” and “SHELLED” pecans.  There are many varieties of pecans and though the season and the year we carry several different ones, but we only carry one variety at a time.  Some are larger in size and slightly different in color but all will be consistent in quality, taste & freshness.   We will try to keep our site updated so our pecan-savvy customers will know what kind to expect when ordering.   Our first variety in is our personal favorite and that is the PAWNEE.  (Large, oily, tasty, PERFECT!)  They are a paper-shell (thin, easy to shell) variety, they harvest early, and are a store/customer favorite as well.  They are gone usually by Thanksgiving and then we move onto other varieties.   DON’T WAIT ON THESE and order what you need.  Other great varieties will follow.


SHELLED HALVES & PIECES:  Our SHELLED  pecans come either as  “PECAN HALVES” or “PECAN PIECES”.   Our pecan pieces are a medium sized cut piece (not too small), perfect to put into breads, cookies or on your morning cereal.  Sometimes we refer to these as “lazy girl” pecans.  (Already shelled & chopped.)


KEEPING PECANS FRESH:  Pecans are best kept frozen or at least refrigerated during quick use.   Do NOT just leave on a pantry shelf!  It does not hurt to double bag in an airtight ziplock bag as pecans will easily absorb smells from your other freezer items.  IN-SHELL pecans can be kept cool & dry but for keeping longer lengths of time, can be frozen as well.


OUR STANDARD:  We are known for fresh, quality, Texas-grown pecans, we hold our pecans and ALL our products to a very high standard and we feel certain you will be pleased with what you receive.  Our quality is well known and we have a hard time  just keeping pecans stocked on our shelves.  We DO NOT have pecans frozen from previous seasons in our cooler!