The items on THIS PAGE can be ORDERED FOR IN-STORE PICKUP at our retail store location (10604 Circle Drive, Austin, TX  78736.  Anything ordered here now will be for the 2018 Fall & Christmas season.  We will be adding our candies and candy tins later this summer.  Our pick up dates will start around October 10th, 2018.  Candy that is needed for Christmas can be ordered anytime as well and pre-ordering is highly suggested.


PRE-ORDERING IS NOW OPEN and anything ordered here will be for the 2018 Fall & Christmas season.  PRE-ORDER PICK UP SPECIAL:   We do know it is early but there is a BENEFIT to ordering your pecans/Christmas candies this early.   When New Crop pecans first become available, we will pull orders in the order we receive them.  If you order early, you will have them early.  Anyone ordering between May & July will also receive a thank-you gift when the order is picked up at the store.   We get extremely busy in the fall and we can’t always keep everything in stock that our customers come in for.  Pre-orders will help us bring in more pecans upfront at the time they are at their freshest point.  It worked very well last year and it will hopefully keep our customers happy and our shelves full.


NEW- PLEASE READ:  WHAT SIZE BAG DO YOU WANT THE PECANS TO COME IN?   If you are PRE-ORDERING pecans for instore pick-up, please order the bag size that you would like your pecans bagged in.  FOR EXAMPLE:  If you want 10 lbs. of pecans and want them in 2lb bags,  ORDER THE 2LB BAG (halves or pieces) and then adjust the quantity to 5.  A lot of our customers want them in 1lb bags because they are being given out as gifts or being shared.  PLEASE ORDER IN THE BAG SIZE YOU WANT THEM TO COME IN.