WE SHIP UPS GROUND & USPS.  We ship our products & gifts via UPS  ground and postoffice at our discretion. PLEASE PROVIDE PHYSICAL ADDRESS REGARDLESS. We must have a confirmed physical address.  We will make exceptions for Military/ APOS.   We are not a big box store and our shipping prices are as fair as we can make them.  Please check and recheck your shipping addresses.  UPS will NOT deliver it with an incomplete or incorrect address.  Don’t forget Apt #, Suite #, Bldg #s.  Any INCOMPLETE OR INCORRECT addresses will result in a delay in delivery and a reshipping fee of $10.00.


PLEASE ALLOW 6-8 BUSINESS DAYS!  We try to get orders out as soon as we can, but we guarantee delivery between 5-7 business days.   Remember, business days DO NOT include Saturday & Sunday.   We cannot be responsible for UPS delay due to BAD WEATHER  or UPS circumstances beyond our control.   Sometimes bad weather affect the UPS HUBS in other parts of the country which can affect package delivery.

PLACE ORDERS ANYTIME/FUTURE ORDERS WELCOME!  WE are very busy during the Holiday Season!  So are YOU!  Orders can be placed anytime!  You have the option to choose ASAP (Ship as soon as possible), FOR THANKSGIVING (to ARRIVE between November 17 & 23, 2017), FOR EARLY CHRISTMAS (to ARRVIVE Between Dec. 5th & December 15th) or FOR CHRISTMAS (TO ARRIVE between December 15th & December 24).  We cannot guarantee EXACT delivery dates.


DEADLINE FOR GUARANTEED CHRISTMAS DELIVERY IS  TUESDAY DECEMBER 12, 2017.   We cannot absolutely guarantee any order placed AFTER FRIDAY DECEMBER 12TH.  Orders must be called in or placed online by this date for guaranteed Christmas delivery.  WE will still take orders and ship out as soon as we can, but they will not be guaranteed. 


WE STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCTS:  We know that you will be pleased with the quality of product that you receive from us because we know the quality of what we send you.   We are also confident that your package/gift has been well packed, but in the rare event you encounter breakage, please alert us immediately.  Fresh Pecans are always packed within another foodsafe, tied bag, so that even in the event of a split seal (which does happen on occasion if packages get tumbled around) you don’t lose your pecans at the bottom of the box.