Pecans still in their hulls. September growth. San Saba, Texas



OUR STANDARD:  We are known for fresh, quality, Texas-grown pecans, we hold our pecans and ALL our products to a very high standard and we feel certain you will be pleased with what you receive.  Our quality is well known and we have a hard time just keeping pecans stocked on our shelves.  We DO NOT have pecans frozen from previous seasons in our cooler!


CURRENT AVAILABILITY:   We currently do not have any pecans on our shelves.   Because of how picky we are on the quality of the pecans, we would rather be without them, than selling something we don’t think meet our standards.    Earliest availability will be in October when the new crop comes in.    Read more info below if you would like to pre-order for the fall.


PRE-ORDER 2017 NEW CROP PECANS NOW!  All orders placed for pecans here will be considered a PRE-ORDER for 2017 FALL NEW CROP.  We encourage our customers to pre-order and no, it is not too early!  We know it is hard to think about baking when it is still summer, but the fall comes quickly.   It will help us plan, it will help us get more pecans up front in the beginning of the season, and it will give YOU pecans earlier, so when you are ready to bake, you have them.  Anyone placing a PRE-ORDER between now and Oct 1, will stay at the current price, should it go up in the fall.  We don’t set our price until the crop comes in.  Anyone placing their order will also receive a packet of our delicious “Mulling Spices” as a thank you for ordering early.   


PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING:  NEW CROP 2017 PECANS can be ordered for IN-STORE PICKUP  or TO BE SHIPPED.    If ordering to pickup, they are by the pound, just choose your quantity.  There is no shipping added.  If ordering to SHIP, try and choose the individual product listing that best suits you as to not duplicate your shipping charges.  ANYTIME you are coming out to the store for pecans, it is suggested to call and pre-pay or to pre-order here.  We get very busy in the store but if they are pre-ordered and paid for, you are assured of getting them when you need them.   ORDERING CAN ALSO be done by phone, if you have questions:  512-288-1196.  Happy baking & eating!