Pecans still in their hulls. September growth. San Saba, Texas



OUR STANDARD:  We are known for fresh, quality, Texas-grown pecans.  We hold our pecans and ALL our products to a very high standard and we feel certain you will be pleased with what you receive.  Our quality is well known and we have a hard time just keeping pecans stocked on our shelves.  We DO NOT have pecans frozen from previous seasons in our cooler!


CURRENT AVAILABILITY:   We still have NEW CROP 2017 Fall SHELLED PECANS available.  We do NOT have any more IN-SHELL left.   We hope to have them on the shelf (in the store) through at least late July or August but it always good to call before driving out if you are JUST coming for pecans.   ORDERS CAN BE PLACED ANYTIME either for shipping or for IN-STORE PICKUP.  PLEASE NOTE:  If you are pre-ordering for IN-STORE PICKUP, please allow 2-3 business days (in the event they are NOT currently on the shelf) and we notify you when you can pick them up.   If we have them readily available, they will be pulled for you sooner.   You can place orders for shipping and they will ship out within 5-7 business days.