Fresh pawnee pecans on our shelf!  Shown here are (2) Lb.bags.


It is not too early to order FALL 2019 NEW CROP PECANS!


NEW CROP FALL 2019 PECANS:  Because our pecans are SO good, and in such demand in the fall, we have already started taking pre-orders for them.  In the fall, this helps us to know who is coming for large amounts, it enables us to pick up more pecans when they are first starting to be available, it keeps our shelves from being wiped out, and it also secures them for you,  so you have them when you need them.  Pecan season in the fall is an exciting time and very busy!

NEW CROP PECANS generally become available on the shelf around the 2nd weekend of October.   They are almost always the PAWNEE variety as it is the early variety.   They are a large, meaty, tasty (papershell) pecan with a good oil content and they are one of the top favorites!  During the season, we will switch to other varietals, one at a time, after the Pawnee is gone.  Though size occasionally varies, they are all chosen for taste & freshness.

If you pre-order pecans for SHIPPING, we will START our shipping October 16th, 2019.  We will pull the orders for pickup/ship the orders in the order they are received.  If you want them early, please order early.  We get VERY busy and once the season kicks in,  shipping times will take a bit longer because of demand.

A note on ordering: we have worked hard to try to make ordering easier and have fair shipping rates.   When ordering pecans you will have several options.  #1:  If ordering PECANS for pickup, use the product item that says PICKUP, if ordering  PECANS to be SHIPPED, use the product item that says SHIPPING.   There IS an item for those wanting both PECAN HALVES & PIECES.  # 2:  Do you want them ASAP or are you ordering for the fall?  You will have to click one of the options.   #3:  If you are ordering multiple bags of pecans (as a lot of our customers do,PLEASE USE the DROP DOWN MENU.  You will be charged for the additional bags with a little extra added for shipping as opposed to having a flat rate shipping fee doubled because you doubled your order.  Also, order them in the size bags you would like.  If you want your order to come in all 1 lb. bags, please order them that way.  It is the same price to get them in 1 Lb. Bags and it often makes them easier to store/find room in the freezer.

Ordering and Pre-ordering (of FALL pecans, for pickup or shipping) can be done anytime.    See our summer special for an added "early order" bonus.


SUMMER  PRE-ORDER SPECIAL:   Anyone pre-ordering  Fall, 2019 New Crop Pecans (at LEAST 7 lbs. of either halves or pieces) BEFORE AUG 1st, 2019 will receive an extra 1 lb. bag of fresh pecan Halves when the order is fulfilled in the fall.  It will not show on your order but it will be added to your pickup or shipping order. 


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Tamale time will soon be here!

Last year was our first year to offer tamales.  They are a very big part of holiday traditions here in Texas and we thought they would go hand in hand with our pecans & products.  They were VERY well received & those who ordered, came back from  more.   The tamales we will carry this fall are made by the good folks at Delicious Tamales in San Antonio, Texas.  They ARE delicious and are made fresh daily.  We will carry 7 different kinds, they sold by the dozen and  they will come vacuum packed.  They can be readily eaten or frozen for later use .

We will will have one summer pickup for those needing tamales now....also in time for 4th of July parties.  Starting in October, we will be picking them up weekly (October thru December.)  Pre-ordering is suggested and I will pick up accordingly, but we hope to be able to stock them.

The varieties available are:  Regular Pork, Jalapeno-Pork (mildly spicy), Regular Chicken, Jalapeno-Chicken (mildy spicy), Jalapeno & Cheese (not vegetarian because of the lard used), Bean & Jalapeno (not vegetarian because of the lard used), and Southwest Vegetarian (Vegetarian, made with canola oil, black beans, bell peppers, cilantro & spices.)   


JUNE SUMMER TAMALE PICKUP!  I will be be doing ONE SUMMER PICKUP ON Friday, JUNE 28th.   Need tamales for the 4th of July?   We have gotten a lot of requests for reorders this summer, and I will be making a trip down to San Antonio.  Anyone can order here before then and we will have an (Austin-Oak HIll area) meet point for pickup Sat-Monday.