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PLEASE NOTE:  It is late in the season, and we won't be bringing in any more (of last year's) pecans.  We are just around the corner from the NEW CROP BEING READY IN OCTOBER.   ANY ORDER FOR FRESH PECANS placed AFTER July 15 will be considered a pre-order for the incoming 2018 FALL crop.  We generally have New Crop pecans on the shelf in the first few weeks of October.  If pecans are ordered for shipping, we will start our shipping October 15, 2019.

A FEW NOTES ON ORDERING:  Please read if you are ordering FRESH PECANS!

We have tried hard to make ordering from our site easy, intuitive and offer fair shipping.

 1.   You can order pecans to be SHIPPED or to be PICKED UP.  

We offer IN-STORE PICKUP as an option because so many of our customers are local.   If ordering pecans FOR PICKUP,  use the products listed (PICKUP).   This also applies to the candied & coated pecans.  You will not be charged shipping.  If you are picking up and also order OTHER PRODUCTS other than pecans & candies, (jellie, sauces, dips, etc.)  AT CHECKOUT, you need to click on the In-store Pickup option and it will remove any of the shipping fees attached to your OTHER PRODUCTS.

If you are ordering pecans candied/coated pecans FOR SHIPPING, make sure you order the products listed (SHIP).

On check out, there is also a place for notes or special instructions.  We will pay attention to them.  Any questions or concerns on ordering, please call us:  512-980-4566.  

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